28 Jan 2016

Tales from the slums

leg-mod30 year old Margaret Mboni is proud to be a beneficiary of World Friends projects. The mother of four came to Nairobi, Mathare slums in search of greener pastures after she dropped out of form two due to lack of school fess. She narrates: – “My parents were farmers and they would sell farm produce in the local market to meet our needs. As one of the older siblings, I had to skip school two days each week to help in the market. This interfered with my performance in school but I worked extra hard to ensure I caught up with the rest of my classmates. However, in my second year of high school, I had to drop out since there were no finances to pay for my education. That’s when I decided to come to Nairobi in search of a better life. I was fourteen years and did not know much about life though helping my parents in the market taught me a little on making money and running a business. I delivered my first born at fifteen years and I had to work extra hard to provide-it’s not easy been a single mother. Over the years, I built a network of friends around Mathare and I joined Why Not Academy as a subordinate staff. The introduction of the Slums dunk-Hoops for Kids Project has been of great help. I now have four sons, Moses, Benjamin, Wilston and my last born Liberal who is six months old. Three of my boys are members of the basketball academy and this has really helped them explore their full potential. As a parent, I believe that through this project, they will be better men in future mainly from the life skills sessions held each weekend by the coaches. I am grateful to World Friends and Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital for the monthly Medical Camps they bring to the slums. It has been of great help to us and mainly to mothers and children. Slum residents live by the day, but with entities like World Friends, we feel that we are not alone in carrying our burdens.”

Margaret represents a large fraction of slum residents, mainly women, whose daily struggle is to ensure their children get a better life than they experienced in their childhood. At World Friends, the main objective of our projects is to promote health, education and social development to the most disadvantaged populations in Nairobi North East Slums.

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