One in every 16 women in Africa risks dying in giving their life.

The lack of services and adequate health personnel, too expensive care and the impossibility of prenatal checks are just some of the causes ... The consequences are dramatic: mothers risk serious complications that can lead to disability, infections, contamination of the fetus, until death, their own and the child they carry in their womb.


Support safe motherhood in Africa!

Adopt a mom and help a new life come to birth in a safe and secure place. safe motherhood



With 25 euro make sure assistance and visits to newborns until the completion of the vaccination cycle

With only 35 euros follow the path of a pregnant mother: 4 visits and 1 ultrasound

With 45 euros support the stay of a new mother in the hospital

With 150 euro make sure an assisted natural birth

With 300 euro argue the costs of a caesarean section




Pregnancy and childbirth they are the greatest risks to the lives of adolescents and women in Africa: every year more than 200.000 die from lack of basic care. To break many lives and to create more than a million orphans every year, complications are most often treatable or preventable in the presence of appropriate health care. For this reason World Friends has created at the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital (hospital center created to provide free medical care to the most needy people in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya) a Maternity Ward that every year can accommodate 2000 mothers and their unborn children, guaranteeing medical, health and diagnostic assistance before, during and after childbirth.


Pregnant women will thus be able to benefit from various services:

  • antenatal clinic (5 visits and 2 ultrasounds)
  • prevention of maternal fetal transmission of HIV
  • stay in hospital
  • assisted delivery / caesarean delivery
  • post-partum follow-up
  • assistance and visits to newborns until the completion of the vaccination cycle


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NB: The "adoption" is not personalized and therefore a direct donor-beneficiary contact will not be created. The donations will be used to support the costs of the Maternity Department; the update that we will send to donors will therefore cover the entire project, ie how many mothers will have benefited from the services of the department.