continuing medical education 1A session of Continuing Medical Education at the Ruaraka Uhai Neema hospital of Nairobi. Friends volunteer developed this Continuing Medical Education session in collaboration with Donna S. Ryan of the Fairfax County Community Service Council, John Downs, representative of the University of Florida, e Jukka Rasanen of the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Oxygen, friend or foe?

The seminar began with a lecture by J. Downs entitled “Oxygen, friend or foe". The lesson fueled a lively discussion among the participants. Since oxygen is one of the drugs most used in medicine, understanding the balance between benefits and harm is essential knowledge for all healthcare professionals.

Causes of hypoxemia.

The clinical case session on "Causes of hypoxemia”Prepared by Dr. Jukka has debunked some myths and false beliefs. Above all, he gave courage to all local health workers: each case finds its solution thanks to intuition, but also by using the (often few) resources available.

Postpartum depression.

continuing medical education 2Donna S. Ryan faced the management of "postpartum depression" analyzing data, protocols and guidelines. This led the group into a rich discussion of possibilities practical actions and input for the antenatal and maternity services of Ruaraka Uhai Neema hospital.

Continuing Medical Education is fundamental to professional growth of health professionals. Sessions like this allow you to acquire more knowledge and skills for better patient care. The work and commitment of World Friends to provide constant training to local health personnel continues and translates into initiatives such as Continuing Medical Education sessions.

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