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of children born to dream

streets of light dust and houses of air.

Gianfranco Morino


Each child is the future and the hope of their community. It must be protected, nourished and cared for.

The children of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, are born among tin shacks, dirty streets and garbage. As the most delicate flowers cannot be left alone, they must be protected and safeguarded.

Creating a new pediatric ward, providing the necessary vaccinations, enhancing the creativity of the little ones, offering psychological support, supporting mothers, families, training local doctors and nurses ... these are all pieces of a puzzle that has one important goal: to look after the Flowers of the Slums, so that they can grow healthy and ready for life.


What can you do to support the "Fiori degli Slum" campaign:

donate nowTo support the Pediatric Department:

Medical examination: 25 euros
Full vaccination for a child: 100 euros
Pediatric surgery: 750 euros

To support pregnant mothers:

Safe and assisted birth: 250 euros
Ultrasound: 35 euros

To support the "Safe Motherhood" project:

A week of safe motherhood education course: 100 euros
A gynecological examination for a girl: 25 euros


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Even a small gesture can make a difference. Give your friends World Friends gifts: a simple and immediate way to personally participate in the life and future of a child, a mother, a family. You can choose between the animals of the soapstone savannah and the beautiful African nativity scenes.


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