I will tell you about flowers and encounters,CAMPAIGN PHOTOS BY SITE - children with logo

of children born to dream

streets of light dust and houses of air.

Dr Gianfranco Morino


Flowers are born everywhere, they don't decide where and how. Jacaranda e Pink are flowers born among the tin shacks of the slums of Nairobi, Kenya, like many children every day.

Malnutrition and disease deprive them of the vitality of the colors of Africa. Poverty and dangers tear away the last petals. But thanks to your help they can continue to grow and color the slums. They will not die as early as too many children in slums of Nairobi.

In the most disadvantaged areas of Kenya, World Friends helps Slum flowers to grow, taking care of them and giving them the possibility of life which is the right of every child. Jacaranda and Rosa represent the many children who need you: help them grow up and color Africa.

slum flowers 2


Donate now: your contribution is the spring that makes these flowers bloom!

· With 25 € donate a medical examination and nutritional assessments

· With 30 € donate a session of counseling psychological

· With 70 € guarantee a week of sex education and awareness in schools

· With 100 € ensure that a child is fully vaccinated

· With 150 € contribute to carrying out a pediatric surgery


slum flowers 3