In the slums of Nairobi about 5% of children under the age of 15 are disabled and lives in a condition of particular marginalization from a health and social point of view.

The high incidence of childhood disability is mainly due to problems encountered during pregnancy, to the conditions in which mothers are forced to give birth (without any medical assistance), to domestic accidents.

In the slum, children with disabilities are the last of the last. Disability not only compromises their development, but puts the families in which they live on the sidelines and often divides them.

For these reasons the "Disability prevention and social inclusion": every year Dr. Melotto and Dr. Gifuni, orthopedic surgeons of World Friends, carry out two missions in Nairobi to perform the necessary corrective interventions and set up motor re-education, which is then performed with the assistance of a physiotherapist from RU Neema Hospital, the hospital center created by World Friends to provide medical assistance to the populations of the slums.

With a health adoption the costs of corrective surgery, hospitalization, aids and orthopedic braces are borne necessary to give to a child who lives in the slums of Nairobi there joy of walking again.

With 750 € give a child the joy of walking again

Hospitalization: 50 €
Orthopedic shoes or braces: 50 €



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NB: The adoption is not personalized and therefore a direct donor-beneficiary contact will not be created. The reasons are also inherent to the reality in the area: often a child is taken to the city by the family for corrective surgery and, after rehabilitation, the family returns to the rural village from which he comes.
The update that we will send to donors will therefore concern the entire project, and that is how many children benefited from the intervention of World Friends thanks to the donations collected.