On 18, 19 and 20 March in Milan, at the "Carlo Porta" middle school, a series of lessons was held which involved all the sixth grade sections for a total of 10 meetings, conducted by Dr. Antonio Melotto, partner of World Friends, on the topic of disability. The lessons involved 200 children well prepared by the teachers and very interested in the topic of disability, especially in relation to sport. Many of the boys and girls will in fact participate in the Milan Marathon on 7 April. During the meetings we discussed how to approach physical, sensorial and mental disabilities in an inclusive manner, highlighting the need to give equal opportunities to boys and girls who are affected.  

Dr. Melotto also illustrated our work as World Friends in the community care of these children with disabilities, aimed at the full recovery of a normal life of relationships within the community to which they belong (main objective of the CBRP - Community Based Rehabilitation Program, of which the Doctor is the contact person), as well as the possibility of having a school education.  

“I explained how poverty negatively affects the health conditions and aggravates the consequences of the disability of our young patients with malformations such as club feet and cerebral palsy. In particular, cerebral palsy is due to childbirth in precarious conditions, without assistance, as often happens in the slums of Nairobi", says Dr. Melotto, who will soon leave for Kenya for a mission with World Friends in Nairobi. “I found great interest which generated many questions from the kids, it was very nice to see their involvement in these topics. I left some copies of the book Sick of poverty, that I wrote with Marco Leoncino, so that they can continue to delve deeper into these stories."  

This series of lessons also took place last year in the same period and with the same success, the hope is that it can become an annual event and also expand to other schools with the aim of spreading the culture of solidarity among young people. Thanks to Prof. Troisi for re-proposing the initiative and to all her classes for the interest shown! 

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