Le Traditional Midwives (TBA) they are often older women (sometimes men) without a formal healthcare qualification, but they have experience in assisting women through pregnancy and birth. Their work focuses on support for women during childbirth, providing antenatal and postnatal care and offering emotional support to pregnant women. TBAs play an important role especially in regions where access to formal health services is limited or scientific medicine does not enjoy the trust of the community. 

traditional midwife training

In our project, M-IMBA+ (AID 012590/07/7), participate in the management of community health groups and collaborate with health information points, mainly involving women and encouraging the inclusion of men. The formed TBAs will carry out a crucial role in directing expectant mothers to health centers for a safe birth

The specific objective of the project is improve maternal and child health conditions of the most vulnerable groups in informal settlements in the north-eastern suburbs of Nairobi. This goal can be achieved strengthening health literacy on issues of maternal and child health of the population, improving digital and physical access to quality maternal and child health services for vulnerable groups e strengthening response capacity in the event of an emergency. TBAs serve as pivotal figures, focal points to motivate expectant mothers to participate in antenatal care visits and postpartum care at health centers. Achieving this goal is based on ability to connect with the core of the community through TBAs, who are esteemed and trusted members. 

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