Dr. Anna Bernabei, is an expert in obstetric gynecology and every year she returns to Kenya to continue her mission with World Friends.

This time his mission was with the SonoMobile project, to train nurses on how to perform quality ultrasound scans and help them serve their patients in the best possible way. Two weeks of coaching, during which the doctor observed their work and took advantage of every hesitation and perplexity to educate them and help them improve their knowledge and skills.

“I am very excited about this project and the desire to learn of the nurses I trained. I believe SonoMobile can really improve the health of mothers and babies in slums, because through greater access to prenatal checks, complications can be diagnosed early which can occur during pregnancy and monitor the growth of the unborn child, his health and that of the mother. It will also raise women's awareness on the importance of these controls and the benefits that derive from them.

I can't wait to see the progress it will generate in the coming years. Thanks to mobile ultrasound systems, nurses can reach pregnant women directly in the slums and potentially anywhere!  I believe that in this way we will improve the quality of antenatal care and in doing so we will in any case save time and money for women, which they will be able to dedicate to other needs of families.

When I arrived the nurses were already very well trained, I helped them improve what they had already learned. It is always a pleasure to have nurses who want to learn and who are happy to have me with them, I hope to find them in the future to see their progress together with those of the project. "

The patience and passion of Dr. Anna emerged during the training: the passion for her work and the patience in transmitting and release his skills to the nurses. Your support over the years is a source of great gratitude to us. Thank you Dr. Anna for the important work she does and for having at heart the defense of the right to health of the most vulnerable and the provision of quality health services.


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