Last April 6th there was the awards ceremony for Quality Healthcare Kenyan Awards, awarded by the Kenyan Ministry of Health to the most virtuous healthcare facilities in Kenya. 

Last year il RU Neema Hospital of World Friends had been awarded two awards, Best Healthcare Director, won by Dr. Washington Njogu, and Best Innovative Project. 

This year the Kenyan government has once again confirmed its esteem for the Neema program and our organisation, awarding two other awards which greatly enhance the work that our colleagues carry out in the area: Best primary care provider in the area and Better in gender equality in positions of responsibility; furthermore Gabriele Beacco, administrative director of the hospital, was the second place in the category for Best position of responsibility in the healthcare sector.  

The first prize received by the hospital has an even greater meaning and value, because it was awarded by direct vote of the population. 

These awards are evidence of the quality work we carry out, both by collaborating with local institutions and with people and make us proud of the results obtained. Medicine in the area, the attention to keeping up with innovative technologies and techniques, the commitment to guaranteeing equal rights to all, are the heart of our mission and what guides our work. Knowing that this is recognized not only by the institutions, but also by the people we work with every day is something that makes us extremely proud and motivates us to continue consistently so that these rights are no longer the property of a few but of everyone. 

Congratulations to all colleagues for this important recognition! 

RU Neema Hospital staff in front of hospital

Below you can read the message from Dr. Gianfranco Morino, founding member of World Friends and coordinator of World Friends Kenya, to announce this good news to all our supporters: 

“Dear friends, I share some good news with you. We participated in the Quality Healthcare Kenyan Award ceremony for the Quality of Care of the Kenyan Ministry of Health.  

The RU Neema Hospital, the World Friends hospital, won two awards, the most important of which was voted by the population as Best Primary Health Provider, People's Choice, for Basic Medicine and Territorial Healthcare. The other award is for Gender Diversity in Healthcare Leadership, best in gender equality in positions of responsibility in hospitals and projects. Additionally, Gabriele Beacco, administrative director of RU Neema Hospital, was the runner-up for the Healthcare Leadership award. 

Thanks to all our staff and to all of you who support us.” 


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