08 Jul 2019

A mobile clinic outreach at Enkoroi, in the Kajiado County

A Mobile Clinic Outreach was held at Enkororoi where most of the health indicators stand below the national average, especially when it comes to women and children. World Friends, in partnership with the Kajiado County Health Department during the mobile clinics offers several primary medical services such as vaccines (i.e. Oral Polio Vaccine, Rota Virus Vaccine, Pneumococcal vaccine and yellow fever vaccine) counseling, Vitamin A, de-wormers and, taking into account  the mid upper arm circumference (MUAC) and  the Z-score (weight for height) to determine moderate and sever acute malnutrition, provides supplementary and therapeutic foods to the children in need and expectant and breastfeeding women suffering from malnutrition.

On the 27th of June 2019, a total of fifty four patients both children and adults received treatment ,sixty-nine patients also benefiting  from the nutrition programme and a total of nineteen patients receiving counseling services on issues such as contraceptives and family planning. Some of the challenges and issues observed during the Mobile Clinic Outreach include children who have developed deficiency diseases such as kwashiorkor, mothers who do not understand on the importance and urgency of vaccination and wait till their children are older to receive the first vaccines and the distance barrier as the area is very remote.