Surgical Sponsorship

DSC05128IIn the Nairobi slums, 10% of children under the age of 15 are disabled and live in conditions of severe marginalization under both social and medical perspectives.For this reason, World Friends launched the program “Rehabilitation and Orthopedic Surgery”. Every year Dr. Melotto, an orthopedic surgeon for WF, makes two surgical missions to Nairobi to carry out the corrective surgery required and to set up the physical rehabilitation needed, with the assistance of a physical therapist from Neema Hospital.
Please note: The adoption is not personalized and therefore does not create a direct contact between the donor and the beneficiary. The reasons are also related to the reality of the context: a child is often brought into the city by the family for corrective surgery and, following rehabilitation, the family returns to the rural village of origin.
The update that we will send to donors therefore covers the entire project, and that is, the number of children who have benefited from the intervention of World Friends using the donations received.
For information:
€350 will give a child the joy of walking again:
Surgery: €250
Hospitalization: €50
Shoes or orthopedic braces: €5

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