Discovering the slums

Published on 24 May 2017

Banjuka Music and Dance School is a project based in the informal settlement of Baba Dogo. Studies over the years have shown that incorporating arts especially in youth activities has remarkable psychosocial, behavioral and health benefits! These are necessities needed by the youth, but are lackin...

Discovering the slums
Published on 5 December 2016

With the birth of a newborn comes immense joy to family members, especially the baby’s parents. We want to teach them new things, share life with them and above all, see them grow up healthy and happy. Unfortunately, some babies develop complications at the birth, or during the early years. Should...

Discovering the slums
Published on 21 November 2016

Jane *-not her real name, turned 14 years old on August 18 2016. At this tender age it is a common human expectation that a child is still under the guidance and protection of family, friends and the community at large. She should be playing around with children in her neighborhood and working hard ...

Discovering the slums
Published on 19 September 2016

“I always longed for the day I could skip rope and run around playing like the other girls in my neighborhood. After I had my first surgery about 6 years ago, the pain was too much yet after healing my wounds, I still could not walk well. I remember how my mum would carry me on her back as I went ...

Discovering the slums
Published on 22 August 2016

When 35 year old Linet Akinyi learnt that World Friends/ Ruaraka Uhai Neema were conducting their monthly medical camp on 30th July 2016 in the informal settlements of Mathare, it was a great relief for her. “My 4 year old daughter, Faith Brandy had been sick for about 5 days. I had taken her t...

Discovering the slums
Published on 29 June 2016

 Delayed Milestones also called Developmental Delay refers to a condition where a child develops less either mentally or physically than is normal for its age. Such kind of delay does suggest the possibility of a problem, especially when combined with other risk factors and anatomic or radiological...

Discovering the slums
Published on 8 March 2016

40 year old Fatia Ibrahim deserves to be honored as a strong woman who is using her experience, to encourage other women in similar shoes. As a parent, it is not an easy task to raise a child living with disability, leave alone accepting the fact that there is a disability case in your house. Some w...

Discovering the slums
Published on 28 January 2016

30 year old Margaret Mboni is proud to be a beneficiary of World Friends projects. The mother of four came to Nairobi, Mathare slums in search of greener pastures after she dropped out of form two due to lack of school fess. She narrates: - “My parents were farmers and they would sell farm produce...

Discovering the slums