18 Sep 2019

Celebrating SonoMobile Launch

Today we celebrate the launch of Sonomobile project that started in 2018, aiming at contributing to the sustainable development Goal 3 in Kenya: “to ensure healthy lives and promote the well-being for all, at all ages.”

Sonomobile is also in accordance to our drive as an organization as it is dedicated in promoting fundamental human rights, in this project we will focus on the expectant mothers and newborns in the informal settlements of Nairobi-East area. Thus enabling us to reduce neonatal and maternal deaths that is highly prevalent in the informal settlements as compared to the rest of Nairobi County caused by the scarcity of services in the areas of intervention. We believe that with the help of ultrasound services it will be possible to detect a larger number of conditions that put mothers and newborns lives at risk.

A curriculum developed by the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC) in partnership with UniTo and UCBM will guide us in the training of nurses and midwives enabling them to offer basic ultrasound services. With the help of Health-E-Net and OTE a very efficient IT system was developed allowing the nurses to use portable ultrasound machines and give the services at reduced prices.

With the support of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation, Only The Brave Foundation, Cuore Amico, Manos Usidas, the Italian Embassy, the Nairobi County Health Services, the Health Management Team Ruaraka Sub-County, OTE Medical, Health-E-Net and Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital we are on the side of pregnant women and newborns of the Nairobi slums as stated by the Project coordinator, Gianfranco Morino. We also hope that this collaboration will bring great results and continue to the end of the project and beyond.