29 Aug 2018

Cinema in the slums

It’s 28th August 2018. At 7:00 pm, residents of Laini Saba village in the informal settlements of Kibera are rushing home. Children are spotted on the busy streets playing and dancing to music that can be heard coming from Laini Saba playground. At 7:15pm, a brief introduction on the Slum Film Festival is made. A small crowd is already gathered at Laini saba playground, eagerly waiting to watch films. At 7:30 pm, the first film is screened.  A total of five films are screened, four from East Africa. DSC06760.tiny

22 year old Peter Mbote is among the residents gathered to watch the screenings. He narrates his experience: “I live in Laini Saba Kibera. The initiative of screening films close to our homes is great. The film on contraceptives was nice to watch especially since the use of contraceptives in rampant among young people. There was also a film on crime- a vice that is common here in Kibera. I wish such films were screened more often. They are really entertaining and informative. I will also attend the screening tomorrow if they will be airing different films.”

The Slum Film Festival is a celebration of stories made in slums, about slums or by slum filmmakers.  Through the years, this festival has solidly grown and has defined itself internationally, as an inspiring platform for the promotion of young talented artists from slums across the world.

World Friends is proud to be among the lead sponsors for this great initiative for six years now.

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