Kenya Comprehensive School Health Program


l-dsc09460Funded by the Italian Cooperation for Development and the Alba Care Foundation, the project was conceived with the aim of improving the quality of health of the scholastic community of North Kajiado, situated around 40 km from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city.

There are many difficulties that characterise a peripheral reality such as the Kajiado province: poverty, difficult access to health care, inadequate conditions of space, high scholastic density and significant levels of malnutrition …

Kenya ranks at 145th position on the HDI (Human Development Index) UNDP, 2013). This is determined from life expectancy (health status indicators), by levels of instruction, and by income:(wealth/poverty levels). Areas such as Ngong, characterised by a poor population, by a precarious state of health and with an unsatisfactory level of instruction, are a symbol of these three limitations.

This new project, in support of 5 pilot schools and in line with the Kenyan Government’s policy, originated to improve the state of health of the Kajiado population. Starting from children, who are the future OF EVERY COUNTRY, and working in close collaboration with the local community: parents, families, teachers and authorities, with the aim of creating a greater awareness towards health, gender equality, disability, the fundamental rights of children and the promotion of a healthy environment, encouraging learning and teaching.


Main activities:

  • Improvement and strengthening of water systems and sanitary facilities
  • Construction/rehabilitation and equipment for kitchens and school canteens and setting up a school feeding program
  • Starting up/strengthening school vegetable gardens, together with related productive activities and production coordination
  • Periodic check-ups, medical and nutritional services
  • Promotion of a greater education and awareness regarding health, gender equality, the rights of children, disability, environmental safety. (Production and distribution of informative material, didactic and educational; the creation of a service for psychological help and guidance; training of scholastic personnel).


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