No one excluded: a project for the prevention and treatment of disabilities

Nessuno Escluso

Disabled children in the slums are the last of the last. Disability not only compromises their development, but marginalizes the families where they live and often divides them. With the project “No one excluded” we are taking prevention and treatment of infantile disability to the Nairobi slums. The programme up to now has succeeded in reaching an average of 500 children each year, together with their families, through providing surgery, physiotherapy, and community education for their integration.

Nessuno Escluso


World Friends activities are focused in the slums of Nairobi, Kenya’s capital, particularly in the Kasarani area where it is estimated that there are more than 5,000 children under 14 years of age are affected by some form of disability. There are very few schools equipped with adequate structures and programmes in this area, and specialised health services for the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of disabilities are almost non-existent.


Consolidating and expanding the programme for physiotherapy/occupational therapy activated by World Friends in the shantytowns.
Easing access to the labour market for the parents of disabled children.
Strengthening access to education for children with disabilities.
Creating awareness in the slum communities towards disabilities.

What you can do

The cost for one year of the Community Programme for Disability Rehabilitation is 15,000 Eur. The cost for the overall activities at the Physiotherapy Department in the Neema Hospital amounts to 45,000 Euro. We can do it, all of us together – no one excluded!

A few examples…

to equip a gymnasium:

  • Therapeutic ball: 30 euro
  • Muscle stimulator: 150 euro
  • Set of games and instruments for occupational therapy: 350 euro
  • Hammock for occupational therapy exercises: 830 euro

… to support the team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists:

  • One week’s therapy for a child: 20 euro
  • One month’s therapy in a peripheral centre: 120 euro
  • Monthly salary for a physiotherapist: 350 euro

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