Take action with World Friends to tackle the effects of Coronavirus


In these months of emergency the action by World Friends did not stop, it intensified. Our doctors and medical staff continue to be on the frontline, in Kenya and in Italy, to grant health to the disadvantaged and not to aggravate extremely complex health issues.

COVID-19 adds up to a series of ilnesses spread among the Nairobi slums population. The lockdown and the curfew in Kenya complicate the situation: the limitation of people’s movement makes it difficult to intervene on the territory to reach the people in need, while many patients are afraid to attend health facilities fearing of being held in isolation centers.

However during this closure people affected by chronic ilnesses continue to need treatment; pregnant women in the slums continue being at risk of preterm delivery; cases of malnutrition are on the rise and a growing number of children need food supplements; children affected by disabilities need support and therapies.

Your help now has even a greater value to increase the impact of our action and safeguard the health of the most vulnerable.


Malnutrition in the slums is on the rise: because of COVID-19 thousands of people lost their job and do not have tha bare minimum to afford a meal daily and to provide for their families. That is the reason why it is fundamental to promote nutritional programmes and World Friends intensifies its action on the field to bring food and food supplements to mothers and children in need.

Under the Nairobi Nutritional Project we distribute highly proteic food supplements. Children can eat them with no need for water: this feature is important, because there is not access to drinking water in informal settlements, while dirty or contaminated water may cause severe ilnesses.

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Single mothers of children with disabilities who turn to the Community-Based Rehabilitation Program need food packages to provide for the needs of their family.

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World Friends made available its ambulances that may be contacted at every hour to assist with no charge women in labor during the curfew. The travailing women, in particular from the slums, are urgently transported to Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, where we can grant an assisted delivery, safe for mothers anch children.

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Our priority is to carry out interventions in favor of the most vulnerable in Kenya and in Italy. To do that, taking into account the situation led by Coronavirus, we need to have a sufficient number of personal protection equipment.

Surgical masks, gloves, soap and sanitizing gel are needed to be distributed to our staff and to protect our beneficiaries. This is also a valuable opportunity to promote hygiene education, essential to prevent many other ilnesses besides COVID-19.

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We need you: even though the worst seems to be behind, the most vulnerable segments of population are still facing a challenge that may put at risk the health of millions of people.


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