Together to protect the poor and the communities against the virus


Words like “social distancing” or claims such as “stay at home” or “wash your hand frequently” are inconceivable for the homeless in Italy or the inhabitants of shantytowns in Kenya. That is why it is essential to help them defend themselves against the contagion and stop the spread of the virus.

In this emergency World Friends medical staff is on the frontline, in Italy and in Kenya, to ensure the health of those who live in disadvantaged conditions: poverty, inequalities, malnutrition, pre-existent diseases put the most vulnerable even more at risk. Your help today has even greater value to increase the impact of our action.

Donate now and intervene against the spread of the virus. Help our doctors to enact containment and prevention measures and to protect those who live on the margins of society against the contagion, for the good of all communities.

Defend with us the poorest in Italy and Kenya. For a global right to health, with no borders, united against a common enemy: COVID-19.

Today you can make a difference.


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You can donate through IBAN transfer: IT 74D 05018 03200 0000 1105 4954

Made payable to Amici del Mondo World Friends at Banca Popolare Etica s.c.a.r.l.

For foreign transfers Swift Code: CCRTIT2T84A


You can donate through Postal Account: 47882527

Made payable to Amici del Mondo World Friends

IBAN IT39 W07601 03200 0000 47882527


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