15 Feb 2016

Curbing Cholera

evidSince the beginning of the Cholera outbreak in Kenya on 26th December 2014, a total of 25 counties have been affected. Sixteen of the counties have managed to successfully control the outbreak. In January 2016; four deaths were reported in Kajiado County.

Em Bul-bul, the location in which the reported deaths occurred, is among the locations that World Friends -Mother and Child Health in Kajiado Projects makes mobile clinic visits. On 9th February 2015, the team conducted mobile clinic to Em bul bul residents.

Among the patients was 16 year old Sheila Ombuguya. “I brought my nine month old son for nutrition screening. He is suffering from rickets and is very weak. He is under medication for rickets and the nutritionist has advised me on the right diet to feed him so as to ensure he gets optimal growth. We also received counseling on preventive measures to avoid diseases such as cholera from World Friends counselor-Peter. All I can say is thank you to the team from World Friends for providing us with quality healthcare each time they visit Em Bul-bul.”

39 year old Lilian Njoki, also attended the mobile clinic. “I applause the Ministry of Health, World Friends and all entities who have responded to the cholera outbreak. It is worrying that we can lose lives as a result of a disease we can easily prevent. My friend –Mukami was among the four who died recently due to cholera. As a friend, in her memory, I join hands in carrying out all precautions that will ensure no other life in this region will be lost due to cholera.”

World Friends is able to reach out to communities in Kajiado County, providing essential health care through the Mother and Child Health Project.