01 Mar 2018

Doctor Anna’s obstetric ultrasound mission


Once again, World Friends is honored to host Dr. Anna Bernabei-an obstetric gynecologist from Italy for her 2018 obstetric ultrasound and gynecology mission.  During her stay, she has conducted trainings on obstetric ultrasound to a total of ten healthcare workers from Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, Oloolua dispensary, Ngong Hospital and Zamzam health center.


She narrates her experience:-“A 22 year old girl walks in during an ongoing mass ultrasound screening for expectant mothers in Kajiado County. Asked how old the pregnancy is, she answers with  uncertainty on her face that she is in her fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. After routine questioning, she lays on the ultrasound couch with anxiety written all over her face. She wants to know how her unborn baby is fairing on. Upon simple palpations by one of the nurses, it is evident that there is no sign of a viable foetus. There is absence of foetal heartbeat, movements or any sign of pregnancy. Unfortunately it seems like the mother had a miscarriage and didn’t know about it! It is sad to break such news but there is not much to do at this point. The mother has to be referred immediately to the nearby hospital for induction of labour and proper medication. We go on with more practical sessions whereby I watch and correct “my students” perform ultrasounds to different mothers. It is very important to train nurses and midwives on obstetric ultrasound. With this knowledge and skills, they can identify any risk involved even in the absence of a sonographer. I am happy to see the staff so eager to learn and perform scans accurately. This is the most important component of my visit!”-Doctor Anna Bernabei.

Capacity building is vital especially to hospital staff. We are very grateful to Doctor Anna for sharing her skill set with these dedicated staff.

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