10 Dec 2019

Human Rights Day 2019 #StandUp4HumanRights

human rights day 1

human rights day 1As every year Human Rights Day is celebrated December 10th. This date became historical after the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by UN General Assembly in 1948. This document declares each individual’s inalieanble rights regrdless of race, religion, gender, political opinion or any other status. The Declaration is available in more than 500 languages and is the most translated document ever.


Youth is the main theme of this year’s Human Rights Day. Agents of change and fundamental voices for the promotion and defense of human rights: youth has a major role in the fight against phenomena such as racism, discriminations and climate change. Although young people represent the majority of population in developing countries, they are often among the most vulnerable individuals. In many parts of the world it may be difficult for youth to be heard and to influence decision-making processes. Therefore, giving them the chance to know and exercise their rights may benefit the whole community. Active participation is at the core of human rights and in this Day it is necessary to underline the importance of engaging and listening to young voices.

Il Femminile di Uguale

human rights day 2Celebrating Human Rights Day means highlighting inalienable rights and freedoms such as the right to health, education and therefore to a decent life free of discrimination. This year World Friends, alongside CrescereInsieme, launched the project “Il Femminile di Uguale – The Female interpretation of Equal”. By telling stories of women from the Global South and North, “Il Femminile di Uguale” leads to a reflection on inalienable rights through the lense of Gender Equality.

In this Human Rights Day (and for the days to come) World Friends commits to contribute in reaching fundamental rights and freedoms for women, men, young people and children. While approaching 2020 and the Decade of Action for the Sustainable Development Goals, we are proud of working in Kenya and Italy to defend the right to health and to contribute to building a more sustainable and inclusive future for marginalized peoples.