20 Dec 2019

International Human Solidarity Day 2019

human solidarity day 2

human solidarity day 1December 20 is the International Human Solidarity Day, firstly issued by United Nations General Assembly in 2005. The World Solidarity Fund was established the same day, three years earlier. The main goal of the fund, active since the next year, is to eradicate poverty and to promote human and social development, especially in the poorest segments of global population. Solidarity is a universal value at the core of international relations and cooperation. Quoting the immense philosopher Immanuel Kant:

“Human solidarity is not a beatiful or noble act, but a pressing necessity, a “to be or not to be”, a matter of life or death.”

This day has the goal to celebrate unity in diversity and to raise public awareness on the theme. International Human Solidarity Day is a way to remind world governments about their commitment to international agreements. It is a platform to encourage the debate on the promotion of solidarity as a key-element in the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A concrete commitment

human solidarity day 2Solidarity, identified as a fundamental and universal value, shall be tha starting point for the pursue of global solutions and may play a major role in the solution of world problems. Approaching the Decade of Action and delivery of SDGs, huge inequalities still persist among countries and inside of them. Therefore, while waiting concrete actions by institutions, solidarity shall begin from each one of us.

The promotion of human rights and socio-economic development are fundamental features of our mission. To celebrate International Human Solidarity Day, World Friends renews its commitment to grant access to medical care and health services to the poorest and marginalized segments of populations in Nairobi slums. We wish to be promoters of quality education, gender equality and reduced inequalities.