24 Jan 2020

International Day of Education 2020

international day education 1

international day education 1January 24 is the International Day of Education, celebrated to highlight the core role of quality education for people’s well-being and sustainable development. The main objective of this Day is to raise awareness among governments and peoples about access to education for children. UNESCO is the major promoter of the International Day of Education and it celebrates it globally alongside partners in development, cooperation and education.

This year’s theme is “Learning for People, Planet, Prosperity and Peace”: education is fundamental for each of the four “P”. Education plays a key role for human growth and for the creation of a shared environmental consciousness; but it also promotes development and richness and it is an instrument for conflict reduction.

Education in numbers.

Despite the relevance of the International Day of Education, one of the major global problems is the high rate of school drop-out. Millions of children are not able to read nor write and are often froced to abandon school in order to work and participate to the support of their household. More than 258 millions of children in the world do not attend school. 617 millions of children cannot read, write and do not have basic mathematical knowledge.

More than half of schools in Sub-Saharian Africa lack access to potable water, sanitation, internet and computers. Youth face many obstacles, such as poverty, discrimination, armed conflicts, emergencies and effects of climate change.

However, educational problems affect also adults: 750 millions people, 2/3 of which are women, are illiterate.

The italian situation also showcases warning data. During the last decade school drop-out rate in Italy was around 16% and it has been growing for the last two years.

World Friends – health and education.

international day education 2World Friends always focused on education, schools and students.

Withe the Kenya Comprehensive Health School Program World Friends worked in school communities in North Kajiado. The program involved 5 schools, enhanching their hygienic conditions. More than 7.500 children had the opportunity to access to educational activities on health, nutrition and child rights and to undergo medical chek-ups and school nutritional programmes.

In Italy World Friends promotes Il Femminile di Uguale alongside CrescereInsieme. The project, which is part of the “Frame, Voice, Report!” scheme financed by the European Unino and Piedmont Region and promoted by COP – Piedmont NGO Consortium, was designed to raise awareness among society on Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda). Gender equality, health and well-being, reduction of inequalities and quality education are the themes addressed by World Friends through the stories of the participants, each with her personal view on female emancipation. Yesterday, on the eve of the International Day of Education, started the educational phase of the project with a training event for Secondary School teachers held at Saluzzo-Plana Institute in Alessandria. This starts the implementation of school activities to raise awareness of students on Sustainable Development Goals.