12 Aug 2020

International Youth Day 2020

youth day 3

International Youth Day is celebrated on August 12th. The day revolves around youth and their role in society. It is not only an invitation to protect them, but to include them in the development process of communities around the globe. International Youth Day is an opportunity to highlight the qualities of youth and recognize the challenges they face daily.

youth day 12020 International Youth Day’s theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action”. It is a way to highlight how youth involvement on a local and global level may enrich development processes. In the last years it has become more evident how youth and their networks are particularly aware and engaged in development and social justice themes. That is why youth become voices of sustainability and development and have a fundamental role in the solution of global crises.

World Friends and youth

youth day 3Since the beginning of its experience World Friends has focused on youth and on their skill growth. This is proven by the major role of mainly local health personnel training and education. All of World Friends’ interventions comprehend a training side to promote the autonomy of the projects, in order to grant their continuity and fight “brain drain” from Global South countries. Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, in which World Friends offers health services to the most vulnerable population segments in Nairobi slums, is recognized as a Development and Professional updating Center. Thus even the younger staff members have more opportunities to enter the job market and stimulate their professional growth.

With Banjuka project, which offers music and dance classe, youth and children have the opportunity to freely express themselves and find an alternative to phenomena spread in the slums such as drug abuse ore criminality. The project efficiently promotes a reduction of school dropout and many chose to pursue college education after attending Banjuka.

youth day 2World Friends also reaches out to youth in the academic world. In many partner universities members of the organization give lectures and seminars on themes linked to cooperation for development, especially in social and health subjects.

Young volunteers take up awareness, fundraising and self-training activities on matters related to cooperation and development. That is World Young Friends, a program aimed at students and recent graduates who are currently working on their professional growth.

On International Youth Day World Friends pledges to engage youth, in order to make them promoters of development in their countries and around the world.