Kajiado Project

kajiadoIn 2013, with support from the European Union, we started up a project to protect the health of women and their children in the semi-arid areas of Kajado and Isinya, Kenya. The project envisages treatment, prevention, education for safe motherhood, and the strengthening of local healthcare facilities.

Main activities:

  • Mobile clinic for Mother and Child Health: pre-and post-partum visits, gynecolgy, pediatrics and nutrition at community level. The team, composed of specialized medical and paramedical personnel, has an ambulance equipped to reach more than 30,000 patients in the most remote areas of North Kajiado and Isinya.
  • Malnutrition Units and a Nutrition Education Programme: 2 Malnutrition Units have been equipped to cope with the worst cases of acute malnutrition. Prevention is promoted through information and awareness sessions, and the promotion of correct nutrition for pregnant women, mothers and children under five years of age.
  • Prevention through Health Education programmes: the promotion of an informed reproductive health, both for women as well as for men, through information and awareness sessions aimed at involving the whole community, so as to spread correct information on topics of reproductive health.

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