Medical Camp

medical campMedical Camps are medical-based missions carried out by the staff in the slums, taking the hospital services to all those people who for various reasons are not able to get to the hospital itself, due to lack of information, extreme poverty or even the belief that they have no right to be treated by a doctor. On average, each Medical Camp is able to reach 300 persons.
Medical Camps are organized on a monthly basis in different locations.

Each Medical Camp team consists of:

1 Doctor
1 Clinical Officer
2 Nurses
1 Administrative Assistant for the registration of patients

All members of the team are qualified health professionals from RU Neema Hospital or special World Friends’ visiting doctors.

The beneficiaries are: the lowest-income categories of patients, who are normally unable to access health services and/or are unaware of the availability of the service.

Free examinations and consultations
Free provision of drugs and treatment
Free of charge follow-ups and referral of most serious cases to RU Neema Hospital
Awareness creation and information on the availability of existing medical services accessible to residents