17 Mar 2020

Mobile Clinic at Osupuko

osupukpo 1

osupukpo 1A Mobile Clinic Outreach was held on the 13 of March 2020 at Osupuko in Kajiado West. Osupuko is among the rural sites where World Friends provide regular medical services and nutritional check-ups to assist the Maasai community. Mobile Clinic Outreaches provide essential Healthcare Services and act as a link between the remote areas and upper level healthcare facilities.

The clinic

The primary goal of the Osupuko Mobile Clinic Outreach was to assess the nutritional status of the local community. In particular, World Friends nutritionist took into consideration the mid-upper-arm circumference (MUAC) and the Z-score of beneficiaries. The MUAC is an individual nutritional state indicator measured utilizing a specific bracelet. A the same time, the Z-score is the weight-height ratio: assessing the two values World Friends nutritionist is able to immediately determine the nutritional status of beneficiaries.

osupuko 2In order to manage the moderate and sever acute malnutrition cases, the staff hands out therapeutic and supplementary ready to use foods. Malnutrition is highly prevalent in the area and mostly affects women and children. A total of 47 children, expectant women and breastfeeding mothers benefited from the nutritional program; a sum of 90 patients received medical attention.

Mobile Clinics Outreaches to Osupuko and to the most remotes areas in Kajiado allow local communities to receive basic medical services. These services would otherwise be inaccessible to them due to factors such as the long distances and the high cost of transport. World Friends staff works continuously in order to improve and contribute to maternal and infant health in Kajiado County, promoting the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in doing so. With such initiatives we renew our commitment to safeguard the health of those in need and to offer the beast healthcare services we may provide.

The risk of COVID-19 infection in Kenya pushed us to interrupt new activities on the field at the moment. However, World Friends medical staff is already working on an emergency plan to resume all activities as soon as possible.