27 Jun 2016

Mother and child health in Kajiado end of project

_MG_1334Thursday 16th June 2016 marked a special occasion for World Friends and stake holders in the Health Ministry, Kajiado County. It was a special event, marking the end of the Mother and Child Health in Kajiado Project which reached 21 underserved communities. 23,028 women benefited from a comprehensive and accessible Perinatal support; 14,184 children under 5 years and 12,987 children 6-15 years old got the chance to enjoy healthcare ranging from preventive to diagnostic and curative services.

The Mother and Child Health in Kajiado project has also sustained the Kajiado County Healthcare Stakeholders forum, by providing technical assistance to its membership along with a dedicated website to improve coordination of stakeholders activities in key areas of the healthcare sector. This website was officially launched by World Friends together with stakeholders, during the end of project event. A website that will also enhance partnerships between stakeholders, in turn improving service provision to residents of the vast Kajiado County.

A representative from the European Union, Mr. Titus Katembu, Ms. Gladys Marima, County Executive Commissioner of Health Kajiado County, two elders from benefiting communities and various non profits working within Kajiado region graced this event. What came out vividly was not only the thousands of beneficiaries who through this project have been transformed, hospital staff have also been empowered through trainings and donations in terms of medical equipment. This has directly aided the situation in these facilities that majorly serve the Maasai community who reside in Kajiado. The plight of these communities has overtime been changed especially that of expectant and lactating mothers as well as babies.

ZamZam Medical centre, a healthcare provider located in Ngong for instance, has benefitted through staff training and equipment that has helped improve service delivery as well as empower the hospital staff. It has grown overtime and is able to provide better services as compared to before. Plans are also underway for them to open a new facility within the outskirts of Kajiado, reaching residents of the vast regions of this county. It is among 25 first level health facilities that have been supported by World Friends through this project.

Improve Mother and Child Health, nutrition as well as reproductive health status in the vast Kajiado County: this was the main aim of this 3 year project, funded by the European Union. Its time frame may have come to an end but through it, partnerships have been built, lives have been changed, community’s mindsets have been transformed. These, incorporated into their daily lively hoods will see continuity in the efforts made by World Friends, to overtime ensure healthy living in Kajiado County.


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