04 Mar 2019

Nairobi Nutritional Project: a cleaning day in the schools that collaborate with the project

Today we will talk a little more about a project financed by Prima Spes, the Nairobi Nutritional Project.

We already showed you how our nutritionist works in our partner facilities to improve children and mothers health, and to teach them the importance of a balanced diet for the children’s development. Here the link to the article: https://www.world-friends.it/en/opening-new-specialist-clinics-department-ru-neema-hospital-nairobi/

Among the other factors, the hygienic and sanitary conditions play a great role in spreading illnesses among the population, with the worst consequences for children health.

That’s the reason why Nairobi Nutritional Project also aims at reaching the improvement of the hygienic and sanitary condition and to increase knowledge among children and teachers living in the Nairobi slums.

Thanks to the commitment of our nutritionist Winnie and educator Jelimo, the project is actually involving 15 schools in Baba Dogo, Kariobangi, Mathare, Huruma and Korogocho. Every week World Friends staff train the pupils on hygiene and nutrition best practices and assist the school teachers in hands-on sessions with the students, to implement a positive routine for the maintenance of a healthy environment at school.


Monday means cleaning day in Redhill Educational Centre, in Korogocho. The students are involved in an educational session on hygiene management. Winnie and Jelimo also brought some equipment, necessary for the school cleaning and maintenance. After having shown the students how to correctly use the material, they help them in the first cleaning session. Then, the teacher, in collaboration with the pupils, schedules the school cleaning session, divided among the different classes.


With some effort, everyone can enjoy a healthy and safe school environment while bringing back home some advice on hygiene management.