07 Feb 2019

Opening of the new Specialist Clinics Department at RU Neema Hospital in Nairobi

The RU Neema Hospital adopts new facilities and new medical services! The new Specialist Clinics Department, operative from the end of February, it hosts the new Clinics of: Ophthalmology, Otorhinolaryngology, Dermatology, Brest clinic, Dentistry (dental clinic) and offers the new EEG service (Electroencephalography).

In particular, the ENT clinic foresees an audiometric service, mainly addressed to children screening, among RUNH patients and in schools, for the deafness early detection. This would allow limiting the risk of stigmatization caused by the disease non-recognition and its mistaken for mental disability, a situation that often leads to bullying.


Of particular importance is the EEG service, providing a diagnostic system that still doesn’t exist in the area, especially addressed to childhood epilepsy cases detection.

The realization of these two clinics was possible thanks to some very important collaborations: the San Paolo University Hospital of Milan, Professor Canevini of the San Valentino Onlus association and Professor Felisati of the Sentire and Crescere Association financed and dealt with the training of local staff during some missions to RU Neema Hospital; the Albacare Foundation funded the construction of the Department’s facilities, while Manos Unidas Spain financed and made possible the purchase of the necessary equipment in the new clinics.

The idea of the construction of this Specialist Clinics Department born out of the RUNH patients request. The presence of these service in the Nairobi North-East area is of particular importance both for the geographical proximity to the slums and to provide the services to patients who don’t have the financial resources to access the same services in other facilities in the City.

The work begun in September 2018, the dentistry clinic has already been prepared, however, we are still looking for funding for the purchase of the necessary equipment (amount around EUR 25.000)