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In association with Slums Dunk Onlus, Hoops For Kids, Karibu Africa e Tag, World Friends has carried out health and education activities under the Slums Dunk project for over a year.
After four 4 years in operation, Slums Dunk has become a project of solidarity, education, training and community for boys and girls in the Mathare slums, with a school and an authentic basketball court.

Slums Dunk is a distortion of the term slam dunk (smash), with “slums” indicating shantytowns. In fact, the project aims to improve the living conditions of young people living in the economically and socially de
graded areas of Nairobi, specifically the slums.
In the Mathare slums, the area where the project evolves, there is an estimated population of 95,000 people. 50% of the population consists of young people of less than 18 years of age who live in isolated conditions, with limited access to basic services like water, electricity and hygienic amenities.

The Slums Dunk project uses sport, specifically basketball, as a way to promote basic education within the 20 schools in the slums. The project deals with the problem of the low level of teaching in the slums, the lack of sporting facilities and the children’s exposure to a multitude of risks.

Activities foreseen for the project:
1. Implementation of life-skills sessions to benefit pupils of four informal schools in the Mathare slums.Training courses for teachers and sports educators relating to life skills/health education to enable them able to replicate these same activities autonomously on the conclusion of the project.
2. Construction of a basketball court with free access for the inhabitants of the Mathare slums: physical education activities for children and boys and girls, as well as the young disabled.
3. Start-up of a school for basketball for boys and girls and training courses for young coaches and players in the slums, managed by basketball coaches and professional European players.

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