Physiotherapy in the Chake Chake district – Pemba, Zanzibar

Reorganization and strengthening of the Physiotherapy and Motorial Rehabilitation Service (SFRM),  Chake Chake Hospital, Pemba – Zanzibar (United Republic of Tanzania)

fisioterapia PembaCreation of a motorial rehabilitation service at the Chake Chake Hospital and the start-up of  an awareness program in the local community for the prevention of accidents and for disabilities. With these goals, and thanks to the decisive funding of the Northeast Caaf-Cgil,  the Physiotherapy Project was established by World Friends Onlus and the Ivo de Carneri Onlus in June 2014.

The plan is to consolidate the main hospital on Pemba island, providing it with a medical rehabilitative service, both non-traumatic and post-traumatic, essentiall for the community under reference. The initiative includes the needed expansion of the project: “Requalification of the Surgery Department at the Chake-Chake Hospital (Pemba-Zanzibar), first begun in 2007 with a team of locum Italian surgeons, including provision of the most urgent equipment, as well as renovation work on the operating theatre. Also in the sphere of the project is the launch of an awareness program in the community, through a Program of Community Rehabilitation, aimed at prevention and education, especially working with schools and agricultural cooperatives.

Beneficiaries from the project above all will be:

  • Health workers, to be trained in intervention and assistance techniques;
  • Selected educators from the community who will be trained in prevention of accidents and on disability;
  • The local community ( more than 97,000 inhabitants live in the Chake-Chake district) who will have access to a fully equipped physiotherapy and rehabilitation department and will benefit from community awareness activities.