Il Femminile di Uguale: emancipation stories for gender equality

femminile di uguale 1The project, implemented alongside CrescereInsieme social cooperative, wants to spur a conversation among society on issues related to gender equality, analyzing stereotypes e cultural prejudices and identifying positive elements in order to facilitate female emancipation. This goal is reached by presenting emancipation stories of Italian women, African women emigrated to Piedmont and Kenyan women.

The project promotes an attitude change towards overlooked themes and a responsibility assumption by young school students and by the Alessandria and Asti provinces on themes linked to gender inequality that characterize every society, both in Europe and Africa: inequality of access to basic health services, inequality of access to quality education, inequality of access to job opportunities. Give the South a voice, especially to Kenyan women and womend emigrated to Piedmont, means telling the fight of those women that oppose to practices which are dangerous for their health or to their rights, that fight to gain access to fundamental services, that obtained adequate hob opportunities, reaching an economic and social independence.

The stories and interviewees have been identified through activities on Piedmont territory and during a mission to Kenya. Nine stories of women, each with their own version of gender equality, were collected thanks to the collaboration of Maurizio Paganelli, journalist from La Repubblica, photographer Enrico Minasso, musician Enrico Pesce and videomaker Francesco Morino.

The collected material has been used as learning material for students of schools involved in the projercts, implementing laboratories in 14 selected schools of Alessandria and Asti provinces.


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The project is implemented in partnership with CrescereInsieme.

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Il Femminile di Uguale is one of the winning projects of “FRAME, VOICE, REPORT!” call for proposal, co-funded by the European Union and Piedmont Region and implemented in Italy by the partner Piedmont NGO Consortium – COP, which promotes more than 150 initiatives that push citizen to action, focusing on global issues such as climate change, migration, gender inequality and themes directly related to one or moe Sustainable Development Goals.



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