07 Mar 2018

Psychological counselling for mothers of children living with disability


SONY DSCThere is immense joy in pregnancy. It is natural for mothers to want the best for their children before and after delivery. However, when it is most unexpected, some mothers deliver children with disabilities or even during the growth and development process, disability develops. Seeking healthcare interventions is the first step, with a hope that there is treatment to trigger normal development.  More often than not, therapy is required to enhance the motor abilities of these children. By all means, all stakeholders involved will put their best effort to ensure that these children get to achieve their best potential in life- health wise. On the contrary, there is little or no support offered to the families of these children. World Friends through the Community Based Rehabilitation Programme conducted a one day psychological counseling session to 46 mothers of children living with different disabilities. Florence Nyongesa; a mother of six attended this session. Her sixth born baby- two year old Verolyn Wesonga is a child living with disability. She narrates her experience having been part of this session that took place at the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital conference center on 24th February 2017.” Giving birth to and raising a child with disability is challenging. Unfortunately, most of the community members add salt to injury by segregating these families-especially the mothers of such children. Today’s session was very significant to what we mothers go through. Important points I have learnt are that – We need to work on becoming our best as individuals despite the challenges we face, and this will in turn lead us to  become the best parents to our children. Loving our children is key and even more important is making it habitual to express this love to our children. For instance saying I love you, singing to them, pecking them, hugging them and even talking to them is essential. If they don’t get such treatment at home, where else will they find it? We have also been coached on the importance of team work whereby we can form support groups that will provide a platform to share our experiences of raising children with special needs. By creating awareness to the community members, they will gradually learn to love and accept our children and this will promote unlimited interaction. Today’s session was the best we have ever have had. Thank you to the facilitators for reminding us that we need to work on loving and promoting our well being and translate this positivity to how we raise and care for our children.”

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