29 Nov 2019

Say No To Female Genital Mutilation

In 2011, Kenya passed a law that forbids Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and enforces tough penalties on offenders and those that support the practice. However, preventing Female Genital Mutilation in rural areas in Kenya has proved to be tough due to various factors such as the high illiteracy levels and the fact that it is a cultural practice that is deeply rooted amongst the people.

World Friends funded by AlbaCare foundation and in collaboration with various partners such as Milele Fresh, Domus Mariae Radio, Cara Girls Rescue Centre, Edumund Rice Advocacy Centre, local leaders and stakeholders organized an Anti-FGM workshop on the 26th and 27th of November at Osupuko Primary School, Kajiado West.

The workshop was preceeded by interactive sessions with students debating about effects of Female Genital Mutilation and demystifying the myths relating to it. Speeches to encourage parents and other local stakeholders to advocate for women and girls’ rights were delivered during the event. The skits and performances by the students of Osupuko Primary School, were enlightening and educational and pointed out the physical, psychological and social harm as a result of Female Genital Mutilation.