School of music and dance – Banjuka

scuola di musica e danzaIn collaboration with an association of young African artists, we have opened a school of music and dance. Artistic expression can effectively combat drug- taking and juvenile delinquency by attributing worth to the incredible creativity present in the slums.

Banjuka – Music and Dance School” project intervenes in one of the poorest areas among Nairobi-East informal settlements, commonly known as “slums”. Here, at least 50% of the population lives below the poverty line. Children and adolescents are particularly vulnerable to the consequences of challenging life conditions in such poor and overcrowded contexts in terms of lack of social and educational services, making the youth more exposed to the most dangerous types of peer pressure and “street life” models. Such consequences range from disadvantages and insecurity for the young people as well as health-related risks such HIV/AIDS infections, STIs, unintended pregnancies, illegal abortions, unsafe births and school drop-outs.

The project targets about 70 youngsters aged 10-20, living in Babadogo and neighboring slum areas and particularly exposed to environmental risks.

Kenya has a remarkable artistic heritage. Well beyond simple entertainment, music and dance have always played a crucial social as well as educational role while easily attracting young people and transmitting positive messages and knowledge.

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