Via Nizza Service Center

WF-e-CCMIn Turin, it is estimated that about 100,000 people live in absolute poverty. They are mostly adults without jobs, families subject to eviction, mothers and fathers alone with dependent children, precarious immigrants, lonely and low-income seniors, unemployed youths and children who are accusing economic and social problems in the domestic sphere.

The Via Nizza Service Center, managed by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Vincenzo de Paoli, offers services for distributing meals, changing and washing clothes and public shower / toilets. In the Center there is also a clinic that, however, to ensure continuous service and connections to the national health service, needs guidance / structuring, volunteers with a health profile and support for equipment and drugs purchase.

World Friends, alongside the Medical Collaboration Committee – CCM, contribute to improving the quality of health services offered and to strengthening the reference system for the public health service.

In particular, doctors, nurses, midwives and psychologists will be involved to offer their time and skills to contribute to outpatient activities.

Beneficiaries: about 2,000 people in conditions of hardship and vulnerability; up to 40 local health workers; up to 30 volunteers (doctors, nurses, midwives and / or psychologists)

The Community of the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincenzo de Paoli and the Department of Emergency and Acceptance (DEA) of the ASO Mauriziano adhere to the project. The project is funded by the CRT Foundation.


• With 20 euros you allow the purchase of sanitary consumables for a week;
• With 40 euros you allow the purchase of over-the-counter drugs for a week;
• With 80 euros you support the running of 4 supervision and mentoring meetings for 1 healthcare provider.