Slum Film Festival

Slum film festivalFrom 2013 World Friends sponsoring the Slum Film Festival, a film event founded in 2011 in Nairobi.

The Slum Film Festival is a community-based annual film event featuring stories from, by, and about people living in urban slums. It is both a celebration of the creativity of filmmakers living and working in slums, as well as an opportunity to promote – through a week of outdoor screenings – a diverse range of films within communities with limited or no access to cinema.

The Slum Film Festival does not aim to legitimize the existence of informal human settlements, but to raise more public attention to them while promoting and celebrating the latent creativity of the people who live in such communities.

The Slum Film Festival is a joint project hosted by Slum-TV and The Hot Sun Foundation, and supported by World Friends, the Royal African Society, and the Embassy of Spain (Kenya), and the Alliance Française.

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