14 Sep 2017



On 5th September 2017, an event marking ten years of cooperation between Kenya and the Tuscany Region was hosted by World Friends at the Ruaraka Uhai Neema Training Center. Over 50 people in the healthcare sector from Nairobi, Kinangop and the Tuscany Region graced this event, themed: Working together to improve the quality of healthcare: 10 years of Cooperation between Kenya and the Tuscany Region.

Health is a global right, however safe care and patient safety is a key factor in achieving this. This was a key note during this event. The Italian Ambassador to Kenya-H.E. Mauro Massoni was in attendance. “Kenya remains a priority country to the Italian Development Cooperation and it is one of the biggest beneficiaries of funds provided by the Italian government in Sub Saharan Africa. This is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals-fight against poverty. The partnership between Tuscany Region and Kenya contributes to the achievement of this goal by reducing maternal mortality.” He asserted in his speech.

Rose Mwangi-the head nurse at Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital recounted how the relationship between the Tuscany Region and Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital has been beneficial. “We have been accredited as a Center for Professional Development since we have a training center that was built thanks to the support of the Tuscany Region. We have held so many trainings especially on maternal and new born care and this has helped in capacity building of hospital staff. We are therefore grateful for the participation of Tuscany Region in making Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital what it is today.”

North Kinangop Catholic Hospital is also a beneficiary of Tuscany Region’s initiatives in Kenya. During the ten years of collaboration both partners achieved: more consciousness on Cooperation, improvement in the Quality of Care, Safe Care& Clinical Risk Management for patients and its proper documentation, Improvement on Quality of Care, on the job training and infrastructural development.

“For us at the Tuscany Region, the relationship with Kenya is mutual, whereby we both exchange ideas and learn from each other in matters regarding healthcare.” Stefano Zani- Tuscany Region.

We are different partners talking with one voice. Health is a right and not a privilege, the path to follow is safe care & patient safety and networking is essential. Using new technological aspects to facilitate residential courses for instance E-learning which we have already initiated with some government hospitals is the way forward.” GianFranco Morino-World Friends

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