05 Nov 2019

The month of breast cancer awareness

The month of breast cancer awareness, October, has just ended.

We have already talked about the importance of awareness and early diagnosis, which can save lives through early detection. World Friends and Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, throughout the month of October has been supporting early diagnosis through regular self-examinations and clinical examinations. And in promoting the awareness campaign conducted free breast examinations at the hospital’s special clinic for all women.

In particular, on October 17, during one of the Continuous Medical Education courses at Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital, we met Mrs. Mary Jane Kariuki also known as Cucu, who is both energetic and jovial. She told us about her battle against breast cancer that led Cucu to approach this issue which afflicts many women around the world. She then decided to dedicate her life to the community by giving help and listening to people like her who fought or fight the disease. Cucu personally carries out an awareness campaign, talking to as many people as possible about how important early diagnosis is.

Together with the people who have been diagnosed with the cancer, Cucu deals with the real management of the disease in economic terms but also with the management of various aspects of life: she speaks of the importance to have health insurance that can cover the costs, the fight that people with cancer have to face even against the social stigma imposed on them, the need, especially after receiving that diagnosis, to make healthy lifestyle choices, proper nutrition, counseling before and after surgical interventions and adherence to support groups for survivors where they can compare with those who have already experienced the phases of illness and recovery. Cucu also encourages men and women during his interactive sessions to educate all within society and the family.

To celebrate the end of the PINK MONTH we remind everyone that prevention is the best protection.