10 Apr 2019

The OTE Mission for SonoMobile project ends at RU Neema Hospital

March 18th and 19th, we received a mission from Italy for SonoMobile project.


OTE Medical is an Italian enterprise, merchandising wireless ultrasound probes. OTE Chairman Pietro Muscatelli and advisor doctor Guido Robotti came to Nairobi to better understand the context of intervention and cooperate with the project partners World Friends and Health-E-Net, a Kenyan startup working in telemedicine.


Firstly, all the partners together with the project manager, visited the clinics involved in the project pilot stage, to better understand which patients will benefit from the service implementation, that is mothers mainly coming from informal settlements, and the main problems they are facing nowadays, both concerning availability and costs of the existing services in the area of intervention.





In collaboration with RUNH sonographer, doctor Guido Robotti tested OTE mobile probes linked with the application developed by Health-E-Net, in order to verify the functionality and existing software bugs be to fixed.

Finally, the staff of OTE, Health-E-Net and World Friends, met at Health-E-Net office to discuss the problems observed during the technical test and proposed some solutions. During the meeting, the developers showed all the functions included in the software they specifically created for the SonoMobile project



Latest OTE mission updates:

Last week (07 April 2019) Michele Moncelli, a gynaecologist from our partner University Campus Bio Medico of Rome, has come in mission for the SonoMobile project. The purpose of his visit is to enhance the collaboration with Kenya Medical training College of Nairobi, in the creation of a new curricula of study for nurses/midwives, including notion on ultrasound.

Moreover, he helped World Friends team to evaluate the functionality of Health-E-Net application for mobile ultrasound service, performing ultrasound on voluntary mothers at Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital.

He also analysed the results of the baseline study, performed to study the pre-intervention situation concerning mother and new born health situation.

This collaboration has been crucial for the progress of project activities, and for the implementation of the nurses/midwives training on performing ultrasound that will begin in the next weeks.