10 May 2019

The story of Mary and the rescue center “Wings of Compassion”

Today we will tell you about Mary’s story (fake name for the privacy)Thanks to the meeting with Jackie, the psychologist of World Friends, Mary has a future now and a chance for redemption. We tell you why.

Mary is 14 years old and attends Osopuko Primary School, a school involved in one of World Friends’ project in Kajiado County. She has always been one of the best students. When Mary was 8 months old, her mother died so her grandmother Susan take care of her ever since.

A while back, the girl started hooking up with a man introduced to her by a friend and she accidentally got pregnant. Susan is actually taking care of three grandchildren more, so she couldn’t afford to provide for Mary and her new baby. They are Maasai, and for the Maasai culture once you get pregnant you have to be married, so even if Susan didn’t want to marry her, that was the only solution in order to give her and her baby a future, but in Kenya this is not allowed by the law so the Children Office stop the marriage.


Once the Osopuko Primary School headteacher found out about Mary situation she called our psychologist Jackie asking for help. Jackie immediately started looking for someone that could help her out.

Most rescue centers don’t accept pregnant teenagers for the high costs that growing up a child implies, not without difficulties Jackie found a rescue centre in Nairobi that could host Mary, and her child, once the baby’s born.

So last week Mary moved to Wings of Compassion, the rescue centre that accepted to host her, and now both Susan and Mary are really happy for this opportunity. The Kenyan Court is the one that will decide how long Mary and her baby will stay in the center but she will continue studying and in four months she will deliver at Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital.