24 May 2017

Theatre for development

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Banjuka Music and Dance School is a project based in the informal settlement of Baba Dogo. Studies over the years have shown that incorporating arts especially in youth activities has remarkable psychosocial, behavioral and health benefits! These are necessities needed by the youth, but are lacking especially in the informal settlements due to economic challenges and lack of adequate facilities to help develop positive skills that are useful for basic survival.

World Friends, through Banjuka Music and Dance school has capacitated young people to develop life skills as well as decision making skills. Nevertheless, not all youths have a zeal for music and dance. This is why World Friends under the Banjuka Project has integrated Theatre and Drama; influential tools for building of creative, confident individuals.

Waigwe Mwangi, a skilled theater and drama professional is in charge of theater activities in Banjuka. She narrates: – “I developed an interest in theatre when I was a young girl, even before I joined school. After finishing my secondary education, someone discovered my talent and passion for drama and I started acting for screen. This was an opportunity to grow and it greatly boosted my career. Working as a theater and drama teacher in Banjuka is a golden opportunity for me. Just as someone held my hand and gave me an opportunity to showcase my skill, I can do the same for these vulnerable children. Some have skills yet they don’t know it or have no one to guide them on how to develop it. We all have different talents and even though not all will become theater and drama professionals in future, this activity will help build confidence, develop positive behavior and even keep them occupied during their free time. It is now one month since we started implementing the program and activities include: solo verses, choral verses, poetry and mimes.”

We are excited to finally have theater and drama as part of the activities within Banjuka Project. Theatre is a live event that puts performers and audiences in an immediate and mutually affecting relationship. We look forward to the first performance and to see children in this project grow holistically!

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