Who we are

In order to reach our goals, we follow our motto: “Having our mind in the South”. Indeed, we believe that projects should be designed in collaboration with local communities, in the very places where they are going to be implemented.

To promote our projects and assure implementation we co-operate with both European and African institutions. World Friends believes in a co-operation
focused on the training of local people and professionals, aimed at leaving them with total autonomy in the future.

From 2011 (Ministerial Decree n. 2011/337/002480/1 dated 04/07/2011) World Friends is now an NGO (Non-governmental Organization) recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and therefore an NGO according to law.

World Friends has been enrolled on the Register of local entities, pursuant to D.P.R. 361/2000 at the Rome Prefecture, n. 745/2010. In Kenya, World Friends was officially recognized as an NGO (International Non-governmental Organization) on 16/12/2004.

On 27/03/2008, World Friends was accredited at the Albo della Regione Lazio degli Enti di Servizio Civile (Lazio Region Register of Civil Service Bodies).