16 Jan 2019

The work of Winnie and Sadi for the “Nairobi Nutritional Project” in Jahmii Kipawa Clinic, in the slum of Kariobangi

Winnie e SadiToday we talk about the hard daily work of Winnie and Sadi, to carry on the Nairobi Nutritional Project, already present in two health facilities, that recently expanded its activity in Jahmii Kipawa Clinic, in the slum of Kariobangi (Nairobi North East), thanks to the support of the Foundation Prima Spes.  The Project aimed at improving the nutritional and health status of pregnant women and children in the slums of the north-eastern area of Nairobi.

In these places pregnancy still represents one of the most significant health risks for health and the survival of women and newborns, both for the period of pregnancy as well as for the first three years of life of the child.

Winnie is the World Friend Nutritionist, each Tuesday she visits children with malnutrition problems. In the past months, she trained the staff of the Redeemed Gospel Church Clinic and the Mwangaza Celio Na Tumaini Clinic, to deal with daily cases that she supervises.

Sadi is working as Community Health Volunteer from 1987, he started when Kariobangi was just a group of shacks surrounded by the forest. His work is crucial for the Project since he is really well-rooted in the community and trained in health and malnutrition. Every day he goes to the field to help mothers recognizing malnutrition cases, teach them how to deal with it, how to breastfeed and when to report to the clinic.

Winnie and Sadi told us that sometimes it is challenging to explain to the mothers why their children are malnourished, even if they eat regularly. Especially when it comes to Kwashiorkor, caused by a protein deficit, oedema makes the child look healthy and it is really easy to misunderstand the symptoms.


In the next months, Sadi will work in Kariobangi and neighbouring slums to make the community aware of the new Nutritional service offered by Jahmii Kipawa Clinic. Thanks to this service, the patients in need of hospital care are referred to Ruaraka Uhai Neema Hospital to access specialized medical treatment.




Support the Nairobi Nutritional Project–> https://www.world-friends.it/en/donate/


To have more information about Nairobi Nutritional Project–> https://www.world-friends.it/en/naiorbi-nutritional-project/